7 Steps Practice in Website Designing

Website designing

If you’re not working on your web designs, you alone will come back to your site.

Website designing is a process that helps customers to know about your business,  brand, products, and services. Designing and development both are important to create an efficient website. Web designers think about the design which determines the look and feel of a website. The website development process is more about its functions. 

The web designing process includes technical work such as coding, content management, and wireframes. Optimizing loading speed of sites, integrating client CMS progress, and data feeding process is part of web designing. Web development involves creating user interfaces using HTML/CSS practices, back-end services, and databases.

Great design is actually about having a website creation strategy that aligns with an overarching strategy.  Website designs are not just about the style, but also how designers solve the problems of users as well. The website should be able to guide users to browse all the pages smoothly. Make the process easy for visitors as much as possible. So what is the process of web design? 

We have listed 7 Steps process in Website Designing. To launch, design, and build a new website, this 7 steps process is important:

1) Discovery phase

The discovery phase is all about identifying the goal. In this phase, designers need to understand what their client is expecting. Write one or more goal identification. Who is the targeted audience, what are the features and highlights of the business, who is the competitors, and what is the primary aim of the website?

2) Planning

Planning is a crucial step in both web designing and web development. But why planning is important in web designing? Web designing decides the tone and face of your brand. Planning before you start designing will help you make fewer mistakes down the line. Without planning, you’re like Alice in Wonderland. You will be completely lost and confused in a mid-way if you start working on designing without planning. 

3) Designing

The next step is to start designing your website. To do so start with creating a sitemap and wireframe. Focus on your plan to know what your website design will look like.  A sitemap is going to make your design work according to you. 

4) Content creation

Start with content creation once you’re done with designing part of the website. Content will play the game for you. It will help the visitor to attract to your website. Create fascinating content to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Content is the foundation of website designs because it adds value to your website. Website designing is a combination of great content that has the power for conversions. Spend time on creating content just like you did for designing. Don’t ignore the content part, it will help the visibility for SEO.

5) Visualize the content 

People find visual content interesting which increases the engagement of users with your website. Plan a surprise visual on your website with additional effect. Add images to your website and make sure they are responsive.

6) Development

It’s development time now. Website development involves technical skills that involve creating user interfaces using HTML/CSS practices, back-end services, and databases. The development process will help to create a website without error. Coding is part of development but if you have no skill son coding, use page builders, themes, and templates. This process will save your time and money investment. 

7) Launch the website

Finally, you are done with designing, let’s launch the website. Launching the website is the last phase of web designing but you still need to keep working on other parts. 

Web designing starts with the discovery phase where the designer will know the goal of the project. Once the designer is done with a discovery phase, planning is the next step. Planning is a critical part where the designer needs to spend time. Design is the third step of web designing. This process will let you know how the website will look. The development phase will be done once the design is final. 

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