Difference between UX writing and Copywriting

Difference between UX Writing and Copywriting

Content is in high demand for creating engaging content, communication, and exploring information online. Content is playing “the king role” in your marketing game and it always will. Creating a piece of content requires research, knowledge about the niche and audience, and marketing strategies. It attracts the targeted audience to business without misleading them. Social media is all about content. Blogs, articles, emails, and websites are the main aspects of earned media.UX Writing is growing and it’s new in marketing. Big brands have a team of UX writers. But do UX writers do? What is the difference between UX writing and Copywriting?


UX writing is short for user experience. It is an important part of UX design while creating the best user experience. UX writing is a text build with an aim to guide users with products and help them interact with them.  UX writing is all about cross-cutting the wrong words. This type of writing requires keeping the most important text upfront. UX Writing is done to help users navigate while interacting with the product. It is one of the most creative writing styles and is now popping in the world of marketing. 


Tips to get started with UX Writing:

  • Start with expertise in writing microcopy
  • Read User-centered design
  • Read details about UX writing
  • Keep writing or write microcopy on any topic you like
  • Practice daily



Copywriting is done to sell things better by rearranging the words in such a way that engages the audience with your brand. This type of writing is used in promotional marketing. Copywriting’s main purpose is to drive sales for the business. If you notice, copywriting is everywhere- in your mailbox, social media posts, product descriptions, landing pages, radio jingles, slogans, and blog posts.

Rule to start with Copywriting:

Rule no.1 

State the benefits, not features

Rule no. 2

Ad rewriting

Rule no. 3

Trim, trim and trim to make everything shorter

Rule no. 4

Push the boundaries (a bit)

Rule no. 5
Read your copy out loud

Difference between UX Writing and Copywriting


Difference between UX writing and Copywriting


Apart from differences, these two terms also share a few similarities. Let’s discuss it.

Similarities between UX writing and Copywriting:

  • They both have similar challenges and rules for writing. 
  • The main purpose of both the writers is to focus on people’s needs and know what’s going on in their heads. 
  • UX writers help to navigate the user to click and copywriters use CTA  to attract more audience.
  • They both require to research about the audience and product. 

With all these similarities, we still need to differentiate UX writers and copywriters on the professional front, why? 

Because the main differences lie in two different terms. Both represent different even if the sentiment is similar. 

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