How frequently website content should be updated?

Updating content will change the way Google looks at your website.


Updating website content is undoubtedly important. The frequency of updating content for your website depends on the nature of your business. When it comes to deciding, you might get confused or not really sure about the frequency.

We know content is essential and king in marketing. And fresh content is going to make you feel like one.

So let’s see why content is important and what difference it makes when updated frequently.


I’ve seen my clients asking for good website designs wanting something attractive for the audience. When it comes to the website, everyone is ready to pay as it reflects your audience’s credibility. 

They are right. It does attract an audience to your website but what about the search engine ranking?

Search engine ranking is a huge topic to cover.

In simple words, a search engine ranking is going to pay dividends over time if SEO is done correctly and continuously. Search engine ranking depends on the content you publish and the keywords you cover in your content. 

Let me just make it easier to understand for you.

Content is one way to get your search engine ranking better, which helps to drive more traffic to your website and provide information to your customers/ visitors about the services and products you offer.

When we talk about marketing, Content is king and everything is interlinked.

Content opens the door for better search engine ranking- better ranking generates traffic – Traffic on the website will lead to conversion.

Well, it’s not just about the content, it’s also about the fresh content which is relevant for the users.


Nowadays, people, have queries about almost everything they see around, want to know what is going in the world, or what is trending. 

So when they type or put a certain query on a particular topic in the search engine, the search engine will provide users the information that is most relevant and matches their query the best. 

Will search engines rank your website if you have not updated any fresh content? Will it match the queries of your users? 

Think about it.

The search engine will take into account the number of ranking signals to determine the relevancy of the content. Fresh content is one of them. 

Search engines consider multiple factors to pull out the final results, fresh content is just one of them and does not ensure higher rankings on search results. The chances are high that you update fresh content that adds value for the users. 

Update your old content, or just add new content or webpage on your website. 


Don’t let your site look stale and dull which makes your ranking slip in no time. There are several ways you can add fresh content to your site. Here we have listed few ways to create fresh content that add value for your users:

  • Write blog

Writing a blog is the best way to add valuable content to your website. You can educate your customers by writing useful blogs and about your services. Edit old blogs, change the data and figures, if any, and interlink with more pertinent sources. 

  • Edit existing web pages 

Editing existing pages with new information you have for your customers. You can tell them about the new product in your company. 

While we talk about the ways of updating fresh content, let’s dig our heads into rabbit holes to know the benefits of fresh content.

Fresh content will enhance your SEO

Keep in mind. Google will love your website if you have fresh, reliable, and valuable information for the users. Google will index your site based on several factors. Incoming links, frequency of the keyword, and frequency of your changes. Search engines are smart and getting even smarter but they still need our help. While you’re spending too much on paid advertising, a piece of solid content is going to pay twice. Cover your keywords and rank your website on search engines. And that’s how fresh content will enhance your SEO. 


While you’re updating content on the website, you get a chance to pour some content on your social media posts as well. This will drive traffic to your website and benefit your search engine rankings.  


Yes, you heard it right. The more content you publish, the more keywords you can add to your content. But don’t forget to place each keyword naturally in your copy. So let the organic keywords play the game for you. 


Authority in your field is a great way to get Google to rank your site. When your website is delivering reliable fresh content continuously, you get authority in your field. With the information you provide through content on a topic, you will keep earning credibility in your field. When you have the authority, you will have more backlinks from other sites. Other sites will be willing to share your blog through backlinking. And Google loves to rank a website with high backlinks. 


Improving user experience will help you build and maintain more loyal readers to your site. When you offer content that is unique and hard to find anywhere else, you have loyal readers. 


Clearly, the frequency of updating fresh content depends on your business niche. While updating once or twice a month is sufficient for many. Still, it has a lot of ground to cover, and if you have huge topics to write, just write and update. Fresh content will not only rank your website but encourage your visitors to come back. Proving product details, new services, and offers, and write a topic about your niche. 

Updating fresh and reliable content in every way is a win-win situation for you.

There is no harm in adding up content and editing the existing content. If writing fresh content is a struggle for you, consider outsourcing the work to our experts. Let us help you prepare content that will rank high. Get in touch with us today!

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