How to do Landing page SEO in the right way?

How to do Landing page SEO in the right way?

The main purpose of landing pages is to rank higher in search engines and attract more organic traffic to the website. opA landing page on the website is created in such a way that helps to encourage users to browse and take action. SEO is important in attracting organic traffic to the website. To do so targeted keywords should be included in the content where visitors will reach. The main purpose of landing pages is to rank higher in search engines and attract more organic traffic to the website. while everything looks good on your site make sure to come up with the best SEO practices as well. Because landing pages are meant to drive conversions.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is done to help your website show up in the search query. If your site is at the top of search engines, visitors will click on your link and land directly on your website. Your website landing page should have conversion power to convert or generate sales. To rank in a top position, SEO needs to be done in the right way. 

How to do landing page SEO in the right way?

Best SEO practices will help your visitors land on your website. 

Is there any secret to knowing how to end up on page one in a search engine? 

No, there is a secret but some best SEO practices can increase the chance for your website to pop up there.

Let’s see some best ways to create an SEO landing page.

1) Keywords – power key of your  marketing

This is super important for your landing page. Research on keywords that might take a little extra time to complete the process. But in-depth research will help you gather the best keywords to increase your rank in search engines. 

So, how to pick the right keywords for your website?

Start with preparing a list of relevant terms for your page. Target long-tail keywords as well. Long- keywords increase the chance to rank better than short-term keywords. 

For instance, if you’re a teacher specializing in English based in India who has a website and wants to create a landing page for your clients who are want to learn grammar and English. In this case, it is suggested to target “English grammar teacher” and not just “Teacher”. Or you can even target something even more precise like “English grammar teacher in India”

2) Work on your content

Creating content is as important as optimizing an SEO landing page. Create content in a well-structured form that search engines bots can read, recognize, and determine. Your content will let search engines know what your business is all about. This information will be used to index your landing page correctly. 

How to structure your landing page?

  1. Title tag: Make sure to create short title tags for your landing page. Try to target your high-quality keyword in your title. Start with your title with important keywords and put less important words last. 
  2. Alt tags: Alt tags are used to describe your image. Sometimes, when your image doesn’t load, an alt tag will appear instead. 
  3. Meta Description: Write a description about your service to rank higher and make your customer click on search engine results. 
  4. Headings: Add an H1 tag in your content. H2 and H3 headers are also important for secondary keywords.
  5. Internal links: Interlinks will help search engines to understand your content. Add links to your targeted anchor text which is relevant and useful for the users. 
  6. Add images and videos: Adding images and videos will help your content look more valuable to the search engines. 

3) Loading speed of your site 

Monitor your site loading speed for a better user experience. The website loading speed depends on various factors such as unoptimized images, excessive HTTP requests, unclean code, JavaScript issues, and many more.

4) Backlinks

Build backlinks to boost landing page SEO. Backlinks are links from either site to your website. High-quality backlinks increase the credibility of your website. Try to create high-quality content that everyone will like to share more and more. Examples of shareable content include infographics and noteworthy statistics. 

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