How to Duplicate Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types in WordPress

There are almost and more than 75 million websites online using WordPress as their content management system. Websites that are built using custom themes and premium plugins face many challenges with WordPress. Duplicating a page, post or a custom post type is one or the most required feature that every designer or developer is trying to figure out.

Well, a good news is your search to create duplicate pages or post ends with a simple click by just installing a plugin called DUPLICATE PAGE

You can find this plugin at WordPress Plugins directory or by simply installing it from wordpress admin section under plugins search.

Why there is a need to Duplicate Page or Post?

As a developer working in admin, we come across many pages that needs to be duplicated instead creating them again and again. When you duplicate or clone the page or post type you save lot of time working on re-designing of the page or post.

As an owner of website you do not have to put extra money for maintenance of the website to get extra pages done by paying extra.

All your pages, post or post types are saved as a draft and you can still do some more changes and edits before publishing the page or a post.

So, let’s see how do we make duplicate page, post or a post type using Duplicate Page plugin:

Download or Install Plugin from wordpress plugin directory


Once you are done installing activate the plugin and then go to Pages >> All Pages then click on Duplicate This, you may come across this option when you hover your mouse over the single page, post or any custom post type listed.

When you Click on Duplicate This, a draft mode page just appears below the same page or a post that you wish to duplicate.

You may now edit the page or a post and change it’s title, images or any other modifications that you wish to perform before you publish the page or post.

Apart from Duplicating the pages and post you will also find some other great features in the plugins PRO version.

Let us know if you find this article useful for your duplication of pages, post and custom post types. For any general queries about this plugin you may get in touch with the plugin developer or leave us a comment below.

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