What will 2021 bring? As we all know, the pandemic is going on which has changed the way businesses work. This “New Normal” is the reason why we’ve seen more products and services move online. Work from home is what we can say has taken place in our lives. And that’s why we are going to unlock digital marketing trends in 2021 – that your business needs to work on while marketing its products and services. These digital marketing trends in 2021 will give you an overview of what you can expect in the year 2021. 

We have discovered the 5 top digital marketing trends in 2021, to give your business a kick start.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is essential for every website and business. Basically, there are three different designs while comparing website design- mobile-optimized website, mobile-friendly, and responsiveness of the website. Among these three designs, mobile optimization is the most advanced type of design. Clients keep asking digital marketing agencies, why is mobile optimization important to business? And here we have a one-word answer – Convenience for your visitors/customers. 

When your website is mobile-friendly, it will reformat/ restructure completely on different devices itself.  This gives you a sense of relaxation, that you’re visitors are going to be comfortable while browsing your website from any device. And this is how you can engage a large number of mobile audiences with your website. 

Every business owner needs to understand the basic concept of having a mobile-friendly website. Mobile optimization is also important to increase your credibility. It helps to build credibility, whether it is for your customers, clients, or industry. 

Content Marketing- Now and Forever king of Digital Marketing

Content is going to rule- now and forever in digital marketing. Content is not a new concept for anyone but the most essential part of the marketing strategy. Content is the only way through which brands and businesses communicate with their audiences. May it be through social media posts, emails, blogs, articles, or website content. Content is the backbone to drive traffic, draw the attention of your customers, get clicks, and finally the conversion. 

In recent times, about 90% of businesses have converted their organization’s website into a content marketing strategy- this shows the power of content in the digital world. Content marketing has become everything from text to videos to images to podcasts and many more.

Benefits of content marketing:

  • Better SEO
  • Boost traffic
  • More leads
  • Build brand image
  • More brand authority
  • More sales
  • Brand loyalty
  • Better customer relationships

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is booming like never before. People can now purchase without even leaving the social media platform like Facebook. It is creating a seamless path to purchase products. 

About 85% of companies are using social media platforms to showcase their products and service. They are even building brands with the help of social media marketing. The only thing any business needs to understand while jumping on the social media platforms is that social media is effective only with proper training, knowledge, and analysis. 

Don’t let your business play a guessing game where you blindly throw the content on different social media platforms to gain some return. When you’re planning to compete with your competitor on the social platforms, don’t forget it takes time- Analysing, efforts, and research takes time. There is no shortcut when we talk about building a brand through social media marketing. Consider all different platforms and how the metrics of each platform works. 

Voice Search is the future 

Voice search is the future of the digital world which is only going to grow in popularity. But what is voice search? In simple words, when a person uses voice to search for things rather than typing manually. Till now 50% of Teenagers are using voice search on daily basis. It’s time for you and your business to start adapting to the new trend of voice search which is flourishing. 

Many marketers and specialist waking up to the fact that by the 2020 year-end, voice search will cover half of the searches over the internet. Voice search optimization is the future and a wake-up call- Try now

Local SEO

One of the most crucial elements of digital marketing is SEO as it improves your local search rankings. And that’s probably because this can leverage your business organically with local search engine optimization. 

Local SEO is used to get more traffic, leads, and brand awareness through local searches. Basic responsibilities of local SEO includes: discovering local keywords, optimizing a business’s Google My Business profile, and structure “NAP” citations.

Let’s have a concise idea of how does local SEO works? About 76% of consumer who does local searches on Google visit store that day. The high-level local SEO runs like a normal Google search. When anyone makes a search on Google, Google will index and fetch the most helpful results for the query entered in the search box. 

Above are not a complete list of digital marketing trends while these the most essential trends you can start planning your 2021 marketing strategy. 5 top digital marketing trends in 2021 will help you drive more traffic, get more leads, and increase your sales. 

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