Why is SEO important for your website?

search engine optimzation

The best piece of advice while doing SEO is that you need to do it in the right way and trust the process for positive results. 


SEO (search engine optimization) is done to improve the ranking of your website in the search bar. It is helpful to attract quality traffic to the website as well. Google updates SEO in 2021 that has affected the brands and their visibility. In this update, Google has improved the shopping options, tracking data methods have been changed, and many more.

Other updates like Product reviews updates, Passage indexing, Spam updates will be introduced in 2021. 

While everyone is online searching for products and services, it is important for businesses to be visible on the top 10 search results in search engines. SEO is a very important part of your digital marketing planning and strategy. SEO will make your website better for search engines to increase the visibility of your brands. 

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What does SEO mean?

SEO is search engine optimization useful to rank higher in search engines. It is the process to optimize website content, technical configurations, and building links. Link building is important to increase the quality of your website. Create content that ranks higher. SEO is done in two different ways: On-page SEO and off-page SEO. These two are core elements while doing SEO for your websites. Both require different skills to increase rank. In-page SEO is more of building content for a website that is relevant to searches. Content is where you play with primary and secondary keywords. Writing high-quality is what will make your on-page successful business. Meta title and meta description targeting your main keyword will help your website. 

SEO will work like magic for your marketing as it helps to drive organic traffic to your website. But how does SEO work? 

How does SEO work?

Basically, the search engine works to show the best result and most relevant results to the users. SEO will let the search engines know that your content matches the queries best. Understanding the Google algorithm will attract traffic to your web pages. Even if you know all the Google algorithms, it is still impossible to cover all of them. There are 200 ranking factors and nobody can cover all but a few. 

Why is SEO important for your website?


As discussed earlier, SEO is a pillar of your marketing that drives traffic to the website for conversions. SEO is important to build a strong foundation for your website. SEO is cost-effective to increase organic searches. People are searching on Google every second which makes organic traffic a massive part of businesses. Research while doing SEO is critical and important. Real-time research is growing which is why it has undoubtedly a positive impact on the buying cycle if done in the right way. That’s why SEO is important for your website.


  • Keywords research
  • Keyword placement is important
  • Include keywords in your permalinks
  • Interlink your existing posts
  • Quality content is a must (without stuffing keywords)
  • Image optimizations
  • Test your page speed
  • Optimize website for mobile 
  • Technical SEO
  • Regularly update pages and content. READ: How frequently website content should be updated
  • Promote your posts

SEO is continuous work and brainstorming. The best way to start is by knowing how search engines work and what your targeted audience needs.

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