Why WooCommerce Is The Most Loved Plugin By Developers?

Do you have a WordPress website and are thinking of starting selling products or services online? WooCommerce plugin is the best option to add to your WordPress site and get started. We love this stunning plugin because it’s free and the way it works. Therefore, WooCommerce is most loved plugin by develpoers. But what is woocommerce?

WooCommerce is a great choice for anyone who is thinking of launching their store online.It will help your WordPress website to start selling products and services. It is an open-source plugin that is designed and suitable for small to large-sized online. This incredibly popular plugin for WordPress is free with over 400 extensions available and 31 million downloads. 

Before digging out why WooCommerce is the best choice for selling products and services online, let’s look at what it is for?

What is it for?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin where anyone can create and manage their online store. With an excellent level of flexibility and all the features, such as tax management and inventory , secure payments, and shipping integration, make this plugin most loved by the developers. 

Let’s just say woocommerce is the most popular and well designed ecommerce plugin for WordPress. This amazing plugin helps you to build an ecommerce store. It offers you a secure, functional way to create a store, and also gives you an opportunity to easily customize as per your needs.

So now that you know what is woocommerce and what is it for, the next thing you need to know is why woocommerce “for you”? 

Why WooCommerce?

As explained before, woocommerce is the best available option to start selling our products and services online and since 2011, it has been around and it keeps getting better and better with all the features and flexibility. The integration lets you include both great SEO value and eCommerce ability.

WooCommerce is a free and open source plugin. So despite its premium feel, it’s completely free for anyone to download, use and customise.

It’s Free, Open-source, Easy to use and Modify, Decent flexibility, very powerful, and extensible.


How to get started with eCommerce?

To get started with WooCommerce, you’ll need to:

  1. Purchase hosting and a domain name
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Install the WooCommerce plugin
  4. Extend your store with plugins and themes

To know more about this plugin and why Woocommerce is most loved  plugin by developer, let’s dive into the benefits of woocommerce.

✓ It is a free plugin that comes with a powerful set of tools.

✓ Complete support from the WooCommerce team as well as from users  that include software experts and actual business owners.

✓ Easy customization of themes.

✓ No third party interference. WooCommerce belongs to you alone.

✓ Security always comes first when anyone starts something new. The team works closely with security experts which assure complete security for using woocommerce.

✓ Over 400 official extensions are available for woocommerce. These extensions help you to customize your ecommerce store effortlessly. 

✓ In-build Analytics. To measure your efforts, data analytics is important. Just activate google analytics in WooCommerce to get started. 

✓ Paid extensions of this plugin will help you to extend your store.

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