5 Features You Must Have In A Restaurant Business Website

As we all know after Covid pandemic things have got changed around the world, and many restaurant and small businesses have turned online and are more reliable for orders with personalized websites and mobile applications. What we observed in past one year is many of our existing clients are now switching online to generate and grow their businesses.

Well, one of the most challenging industry that had come across us is restaurant and hotels where people had to spend lot of money to showcase all their products and services online. Let’s try to make this work in a simple way so that any startup or a restaurant company reading this blog might use it in their strategy for building a website that will not just drive good sales but will also be effective in offering customer support in a easy way.

Many of us are using free themes and plugins to build a restaurant website, still there are few tips on features we would like to highlight based on different restaurant business models such as:

    • Food Delivery Restaurant Website: When we say a food delivery restaurant website then it means it’s not allowing dining and these websites are simple single vendor system websites where customer browses and places order instantly. While designing this website you need to make sure you have a good quality of hosting server, design should be very much user friendly, usability factors to be taken care on priority with deep analysis of user flow using google analytics.
    • Niche Food Dining Restaurant Website: So some restaurant’s are popular for a niche food and they always do well and they sometimes do not want any order or delivery system to generate orders online, but things have changed now and these restaurants are also taking orders online these days. Not a complete ecommerce system but they want to brand themselves and get good reach to nearby customers. Well the suggestion here would be to have all type of social media features such as social sharing icons on website products, social login, reward point systems and updating food and beverage content with letting customers know how do they cook such yummy go tummy food.
    • Dining & Delivery Restaurant Website: This is the most challenging restaurant business where owner spends half of his money and time to run this business. Point of sale software’s, online ordering website with all the social media marketing and product synchronization on aggregators website are the primary and basic features for this kind of website. Configuring website with GA and Webmaster tools is must to identify the upcoming opportunities in running this type of restaurants online.
    • Cafe’s: We all know cafe’s are together are different concept unlike restaurants, however their business model is somehow similar to restaurant’s. Cafe’s have major advantage of branding their businesses offline as they work on chain system and one café can have multiple outlets. The features can be implemented running online café would be social sharing tools, pos software’s, inventory management based on locations, pincode based orders for different outlets around and delivery tools for date and time of delivery.
    • Subscription based Restaurant Website: Well we don’t exactly know what it is called, but these kind of restaurants are most in trend these days. These restaurant serves food on subscription plans for employees and corporate customer’s. The prime features in this type of restaurant websites can be social sharing, customer coupons and deals on food, delivery time and duration, customer feedback and reviews.

And hereby, we conclude that you must try out all the above five features that are easy to use for any startup or an established restaurant website. If used with proper guidance and with experienced digital marketing team can lead you reach expected sales and growth in your restaurant business. Let us know if you need any help or any other information regarding all the above mentioned features.

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